• The future of Parkinson's research is in powerful hands. Yours.

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    Fox Insight is an online clinical study where people with Parkinson's disease and their loved ones share information that could transform the search for better treatments. You in?

  • Community of people

    Share Your Expertise

    No one understands Parkinson's better than those living with it every day. By working together, we can help shape the future of research.


    Participate Online

    Fox Insight easily collects self-reported data about health experiences from those with and without Parkinson's in a number of ways.

    • How Fox Insight Works

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      • Complete Online Study Visits

      • Every 90 days you'll be invited to provide real-world information on symptoms, daily activities and other factors through online questionnaires. These "study visits" can take up to an hour (though some are as short as 15 minutes).

      • Take Part in Research that Interests You

      • Offer additional information by filling out one-time surveys.

      • Contribute over Time

      • You'll be invited to complete study visits indefinitely. Together with other study participants, you will be providing scientists with long-term research data to investigate health patterns and trends over time. Each study visit can help us answer more questions about Parkinson's.

      • Fuel Breakthroughs

      • Your Fox Insight data are de-identified and made available to qualified researchers worldwide. When combined with information from other volunteers, this large, diverse dataset can provide scientists with critical insights into the lived experience of Parkinson's.

      • Your Privacy

      • The information you share with Fox Insight is safeguarded by the highest research and privacy standards. Any identifiable information about you as an individual will remain confidential.

    • Our Partners

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    • The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the world's leading consumer genetics company 23andMe have partnered to assemble a more complete picture of Parkinson's by integrating genetic and patient-reported data. 23andMe's mission is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome.